Well, coming from one of salons that has been into men’s waxing for over a decade in Richmond, VA we will strive to keep it as unbiased as we could. If you are expecting us to list few names like us or European wax centre, I think it will surely question the credibility and we are not going to do this for sure.

We will give you different pointers on which you should weigh a men’s Brazilian waxing salon before taking a plunge and baring it all. We will leave the decision to you, but the whole point of this article is to help you make an informed choice and avoid any traumatic experiences.


No rocket science. Pretty straight forward. Isn’t it. Look for the reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook and other third-party aggregators which are popular in Richmond, VA. Do detailed research, please ensure you are weighing a salon based on the specific service, like here we are looking for men’s Brazilian wax and reviews on threading and eyebrow waxing doesn’t matter much. So instead of simply seeing the overall star ratings, ensure you choose a salon that has solid ratings in Men’s Brazilian wax.

Aesthetician matters as much as the salon.

Remember your waxing salon is only as good as aesthetician. We have seen and heard endless number of cases where our clients have had bad experiences even in world class waxing salons around Richmond, VA. Always make sure you do a research and narrow down on the best aesthetician for your Brazilian wax.

Though hair removal would look simple on the hindsight, it’s all about aesthetician hands, technique and experience which can make the session effortless and also produce right and sustained results. So always remember to book the best aesthetician in the specific salon. Never compromise, never…


If your waxing salon is open to sample test the wax on your skin and ensure you don’t have any allergies or untoward reaction, nothing like it. If you have sensitive skin, make sure you speak this to the salon people and ask for customized solutions. If you are trying Brazilian wax for the first time, we would suggest you to talk it out with the aesthetician and also if possible, request for a sample test, so that you can be rest assured it would be a nice experience.

Quality of Wax matters

Quality of wax determines the results and there are no second thoughts about it. Always look for chemical free alternatives as it would augur well for the body on the longer run and also produce better results. Organic sugaring wax is one of the best natural alternatives for hair removal and it works like a charm for sensitive skin and sensitive areas like waxing your private parts.

Quality comes with a price

Always remember, that a good service will burn your pockets. Never settle for cost effective options, as you would end up breaking a bank due to the post implications of waxing. Double dipping, low quality wax and sub-standard regime and hygiene are few of the popular things which comes to our mind when it comes to these cheap waxing salons, which could prove costly on the long run.

So that’s about it from our end. We have made this as detailed and informative as much. Hope it would help you to settle for the best waxing salon in Richmond. Thanks for your time and patience.

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