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Men’s Body Waxing in Richmond

Shortpump Salon Advantage


Quality Standards for every procedure


Customized solutions for Men


Use of Organic , Sugar Waxes


Experienced & Certified Estheticians


Choice of Procedures & Approach


No Double Dipping


Post-Waxing Care & Guidance


Advanced Techniques for a smooth wax

Some of our exclusive Male Waxing Services include


Brazilian for Men


Men’s Back Waxing


Hands & Leg Waxing


Bikini Waxing for men


Chest Waxing for men


Eyebrow Waxing for men


Commonly asked questions on Men’s Waxing

Is it safe to have Brazilian waxing as a guy?
Male Brazilian waxing is completely safe if you go to a hygienic place that follows holistic regime. But make sure your private area is clean and dry before getting waxed.
How much of hair will be removed with these services?
It would completely depend on personal preferences. We would be willing to remove all the hair to give a completely clean, shining skin or just few inches up to your preference.

What if we get too excited during Men’s brazilian waxing?

It’s completely normal to get anxious or excited during waxing. As a professional who have been into this for more than a decade, we focus on achieving the smoothest results as possible and we rarely acknowledge it so you can feel normal.

Can I try waxing if I am a first-timer?

We make sure we consult and understand your requirements as thoroughly as possible. Understand your body complications if any and then suggest you with options. Almost 50% of the men clients try waxing with us for the first time. Brazilian, Back or full legs/hands, we make sure we offer flexibility in positions to make them feel at ease and also options in kind of waxes to make sure you feel as effortless as possible.

Is waxing better than shaving for men?

Waxing is more hygienic, long lasting and more effective than waxing. In fact most men never go back to shaving once they switch to waxing. 

How much would Men's Brazilian cost?

Men’s Brazilian would cost anywhere above 69 Dollars. One of the reasons why we don’t have a standard rate card is the fact that amount of work required would depend on your nature of hair and also preferences. So it would be best advised to visit our salon to get the right estimate of the cost.

How you differ with your waxing regime?

We have one of the most holistic wax regime in the whole of Richmond. We don’t entertain double waxing and we emphasis on right temperature for waxing so that you get the best results without compromising on health. In regard to how we differ from other ordinary salons, we use custom-made , imported organic waxes and sugaring wax, be rest addured you are at a safe place.


Short Pump Salon offers a wide range of services such as Brazilian for Men, Bikini, Back Waxing, Advanced Microblading, Eyebrow Threading and Tinting to name a few.


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