Women’s Bikini to Brazilian Wax: Get your Salon Lingos right!

When it comes to Bikini Wax hair removal many of us are unaware of different styles and often get confused with its lingos.

Bikini Waxing may be among the popular vogues for Women but it could not be said the same of its lingos and styles and hopefully we would be able to clear those grey areas.

Salons have played it safe and have adhered to broader categories. Most of the  Salons including us in Richmond have made room for just Brazilian & Bikini in our Catalogue, whereas other types and styles are yet to gain its exclusivity.

Without further ado, let’s dive into each one of those styles exclusively.


A simple clean-up process , where it removes hair that would be visible along the Bikini line, primarily areas one which could be seen when wearing a bikini mainly from the upper thigh and just outside a panty line.

Pro Tip: Best bet if you’re making a Bikini debut. Also popularly known as Classical Bikini Wax.


This bikini Wax removes all hair like standard bikini style, but it goes a little deeper around the leg and sometimes it may end up with a big Triangle . Most of the guests prefer to go for extended bikini waxing to look cosy and compliment their attractive figure.

Pro Tip: it could be one of those baby steps to achieve your ultimate Brazilian dare.


French wax is very much in vogue, similar to Brazilian where you remove the hair from the front except for the hair in Labia and back.

You can play around with shapes from Mini Triangle, Post Stamp to Landing Strip. You can ponder over different styles while discussing this with your Esthetician.

Pro Tip: If you want to have it smooth and clean there but still don’t dare to go Brazilian, this is just perfect. Also don’t forget to play around with shapes and styles.


It’s similar to French Bikini Wax, except for the fact that you remove the hair from the back as well. Just that most of them would prefer to leave some hair in the Labia part.

Pro Tip:

After – Care regime is absolutely indispensable for a harmless experience. Ask your Esthetician to suggest some good Wax serums.


If you’re someone who loves that Clean and Smooth Finish. This is perfect for you. With Hollywood Wax, you can choose to go completely hairless both front and back. Going bare all out

Pro Tip: Baring them all could be little taxing for a first timer and it’s advisable to try earlier types before taking a plunge.

Also make sure the Esthetician is hands-on, as it might require more intricate skills than Bikini Wax for sure.

Final Words

It’s absolutely vital to be informed about different styles before you go and book an appointment. Going there well informed, keeps away from any fear and inhibition which plays a huge role in an effortless experience.

Also generally it’s advisable to work your way slowly from Classical Bikini to French to Brazilian before you plunge into Hollywood Waxing for a seamless initiation into Waxing. But ultimately it boils down to personal choice and preferences.

Remember waxing can be done in a matter of minutes, but what’s more vital are meticulous after-care and maintenance.  One pro tip from our end is you should be exfoliating and moisturizing everyday between visits which most of them don’t.