Waxing Deals in Richmond

You need to understand that your health is more valuable than the few dollars of comfort you get from those waxing deals on offer. Let’s break this down in detail in the next few paragraphs.

One common mistake most of our clients tend to make is to jump into premature without a deep understanding of what goes into those waxing sessions. Before you judge a waxing price list or any waxing offers, make sure you get answers for the below.

Whether they use Natural, Organic Waxes? Whether they do Double Dipping? Whether the temperature of the wax is maintained appropriately? Whether the waxing aesthetician has sound experience? Whether an Aesthetician uses gloves & follow other hygiene practices? Whether they offer After Care for free?

I have seen plenty of millennials opt for Groupon Waxing deals in Richmond and have ended up burning their money later on After care or resorting to treatments to keep their ingrown hair condition at bay. In fact most waxing studios and salons in Richmond that offer waxing deals at half of the original price cleverly charges you for after care and resorts to too many hidden pricing that will leave you guilty for not choosing a better studio over a better price. As a decade old waxing/ Sugaring studio in Richmond, we would advise you to have a one-to-one conversation with an esthetician on the various aspects of their service including their technique and approach before booking or purchasing a deal.

We would recommend a studio or salon that uses Organic Waxing/ Sugaring for your body and preferably for the sensitive areas like Bikini and Brazilian as the implications of using a low quality wax can end up with a lot of pain and undesirable experiences.

We have seen plenty of First Brazilian Wax free offer cases to have eventually turned their back towards waxing for the rest of their life because of one bad experience, which has not only hurt their chances to get repeat customers but also played spoilsport on the waxing industry on the whole.

So you need to understand that a quality waxing session includes a lot more than you could imagine starting from preparation, process to after care and it’s bound to cost you a lot of time and dollars and if anyone else says otherwise, they must be lying for sure.

If you have any questions on waxing and Sugaring , please feel free to reach us at shortpumpthreading@gmail.com or 804 512 2835. If you are near Richmond, feel free to drop by our studio to understand how we differ in terms of quality and regime. Happy waxing.