Though Waxing continues to remain the most popular form of hair removal, questions remain on its health implications in our body and our answer for them is Sugaring.
Being one of the pioneers in Men’s Waxing in Richmond & Women’s Waxing and with over 15 years of experience in running a threading and waxing  studio in Richmond VA, we feel Sugaring is indeed the best natural and organic method of hair removal available out there.
For the starters, who hear Sugaring for the first time, it’s a very ancient form of hair removal that’s been practiced in Egyptian civilization for centuries.

Key differences between sugaring and waxing are, one, unlike waxing , sugaring doesn’t include any chemicals, as the paste primarily contains sugar and Glycerine , both having organic occurrences and second, in waxing hair is pulled from the opposite direction of its growth whereas in Sugaring its pulled in the same direction.

Sugaring scores over Waxing when it comes to hygiene as well. Whereas Waxing involves use of Spatula for application, but in Sugaring the paste is directly applied over the hair and hence it removes any fear of double dipping.

Nature of Hair
As an Aesthetician, who has hands-on experience in both sugaring and Waxing, we must say Sugaring is perfect for people with finer hair and who have issues concerned with skin allergy and Waxing tend to work better for people with coarse hairs.

Length & Volume
Also Sugaring requires more effort and time to remove hair in volumes and length and we feel it’s where waxing tend to be more convenient for Aestheticians and not sure, if that’s the reason why Waxing studios and salons tend to promote Waxing more than sugaring, that’s for you to decide.

Parts of the Body
Also Sugaring tends to score higher when it comes to dealing with hair removal of more sensitive areas like Bikini, Brazilian and underarm area and it also tends to hurt less compared to traditional Waxing.

Sugaring is done by creating a sugar paste which is in normal room temperature, whereas wax is prepared by heating it up in a specific temperature so it tends to hurt you more than sugaring and also causes more reddishness compared to Sugaring.

While Waxing removes the hair from the root, in Sugaring, the hair is removed by sticking it with paste and not skin and hence it presents less opportunity for ingrown hair compared to Waxing.

On the downside, Sugaring also requires a lot of expertise when it comes to setting up the paste, as its thickness and consistency can make or break your hair removal experience and hence it’s not recommended as a DIY method which is not the same case with Waxing. As a Sugaring studio in Richmond, we use custom-prepared organic paste which involves a lot of planning, time and energy and in case you’re going to try it out, please ensure if the paste is organic or do they use chemicals, as it can make a huge difference. Though we have spoken on the benefits of sugaring and how they offer the best organic alternative way of hair removal compared to Waxing, you need to understand that results and experience is subjective and may vary from individuals to individuals. We would recommend, the only way to figure out is trying both waxing and sugaring to understand it yourself.

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