Eyebrow Threading in Richmond, VA

As a pioneer in this Ancient method of hair removal, our founder Mariam Ludhani is one of the passionate ambassadors of this technique, shaping discreet solutions for patrons for over a decade.

Shortpump Salon Advantage

  • Restore your brows shape naturally.
  • Simple, quick, Painless & affordable.
  • Focus on After Care & Maintenance.
  • Shape eyebrows to compliment your features.
  • Specialize in Men eyebrows as well.
  • Personalized care for ones with Sensitive skin.

Threading FAQ's

Which is painful – eyebrow threading or eyebrow waxing?

Threading is less painful since we can target individual hairs

Do threading causes irritation?

Threading causes less irritation as it doesn’t involve Chemicals.

Is threading a long-lasting alternative?

Threading removes the hair from the Hair follicle, hence zero maintenance up to 4 weeks.

Why Indian Threading over waxing?

It allows for better control and precision.

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