Eyebrow Threading Vs Waxing

Eyebrow Threading Vs Waxing: Get the best expert opinion!

As a brow specialists in Richmond, VA who have handled endless of eyebrow sessions it’s easy to term it as a personal choice but let’s look into the bigger picture.

Larger Perspective

When literature views eyebrow threading and Waxing as a hair removal technique, we understand humans see it more as a beauty regime. If you’re for nurturing eyebrows, then brow threading wins any day.

Eyebrow threading offers the liberty to operate with precision and control (mind you, depends on the technician largely). If you want to work on a single hair or a line of hair. Even the tiniest of hair can be teased out of the follicle which could not be possible with Waxing.

Nature of Eyebrows

Remember, Threading does have its limitations. It doesn’t work well with Coarse hair, where it could be extremely painful. Waxing on the other hand could be an ideal alternative.

Wellness Aspect

Eyebrow threading is wrapping of two cotton threads against the unwanted hair whereas Waxing involves Chemicals, which can be harmful to your body or Skin. Waxing never works well with Sensitive skin, where Threading comes to rescue.

Just in case your Esthetician uses Natural Wax, with no Chemicals, then Yeah Waxing is not a bad choice. But, be absolutely sure.

Pain Element

People from the West are usually more apprehensive about Threading. The fear is quite natural, as it’s an ancient technique borrowed from the East. But once they pass the first session, they understand it’s pretty much the same.

And we’ve seen few of our patrons who stick with Waxing as they feel it’s far less painful. We believe the pain aspect is not inherent to the Technique itself, but it has more to do with an Esthetician who could have played a spoilsport. Always go with someone who does it day in and day out, who’s hands on.

After Effects

Both the Technique has its fair share of pros and cons. Continuous Waxing can cause early wrinkles and it can lead to few allergies as well. Threading can lead to ingrown hair and can be extremely painful for Coarse hair, if not done by a proper Esthetician.

Cost & Time

Both Waxing and Threading are pretty much similar in terms of its duration, except the fact that Waxing needs little more time for preparation of Wax. In terms of cost it’s almost the same around $ 15 to $ 25.

As we have mentioned in the start of the article, it’s a personal choice and we advise you to try out both the methods and decide it for yourself. But a little bit of knowledge and caution isn’t going to harm you for sure.

In case you’re pretty serious about getting it right with your Eyebrows and you have managed to munch the ton of advice we had for you, we would be happy to help you and clarify your queries.

Get back to us in case of any queries: shortpumpthreading@gmail.com or drop down in case you happen to live close to Richmond , VA. Happy brows…

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Brazilian Wax

A complete guide to a best Brazilian Wax: Myths & Facts

Dare to bare a Brazilian, they say. But as a Salon who’ve handled endless Brazilian sessions, we feel it’s time to clear the air, throwing more light from real experiences.

Also, we see this as an ideal opportunity to decode the science behind a perfect Brazilian Wax and what you should care and what you shouldn’t. What most Estheticians forget to tell you or what we generally miss out in asking them.

Preparation Aspect

Well prepared is half the job done. We feel one of the key to a perfect Brazilian is staying Hydrated before entering into the wax room.  Not sure, if Estheticians discuss this part with you.  The more dehydrated you are, it becomes harder for Waxing Technician to prune the follicles.

Other Prerequisites

A warm shower on the Wax day and a good night sleep the previous night are quite crucial as your body tends to feel more relaxed for a more seamless experience.

One of the pro advice from our end would be. Just mute those spooky Youtube videos about Brazilian wax and the pain part , as one should understand that every skin is unique and we tend to respond differently to it.

I have seen few people who’ve left our waxing salon, literally surprised about the pain-less experience and a few striking a completely opposite note. Well, you can’t help but feel for those people with Sensitive skin. Don’t you.

Time Matters

If you’re a women, it’s best advised to avoid booking an appointment immediately before and after your Period cycle for a Female Brazilian, as your Skin tend to be more sensitive which could cause more harm than good.

Minimum Hair Length Requirement

Grow your Garden to at least ¼ inch for better Waxing results if not longer. Waxing any hair lesser than that wouldn’t fetch any results other than the pain.

Hygiene & Standards

Double Dipping the Spatula is not OK. Reusing the same stick used before to apply the wax again , even if it’s on the same body. We’re made to believe that Hot temperature in the Wax could kill the harmful Bacteria and it’s very much ok to do Double Dipping.

Looking at this differently, we would say it’s the easiest way to filter out the Trash from the best, a good waxing place from bad, as any licensed Esthetician would know that Wax temperature need to be at the extreme to kill the harmful Bacteria and it would not be practical to use it against the Skin.

Temperature of the Wax matters a great deal for best results. Wax needs to be maintained at a specific temperature , usually around 2 degrees less than what’s deemed to be hot. Would recommend you to verify these details beforehand to avoid those below-par Waxing parlours and places.

Quality Wax matters!

Understand the quality of waxes and its constituents matter a lot for an ideal Brazilian Wax experience. Natural Waxes/ Sugaring is the preferred choice for its harmless health benefits. Waxing varies in types: Hard Wax, Soft Wax & Sugar Wax, being the most popular ones. Ensure you choose the best one after consulting with your Esthetician as it can make or break any waxing experience.

Hands on Esthetician, any day!

Choosing a right Esthetician is half the job done. No matter, how big a brand is or how many Five stars they boast of, if your Esthetician lacks familiarity with the art then it’s going to suck, big time.

Consult the Esthetician not the receptionist!

Before narrowing down your Brazilian Appointment, we would suggest you to talk directly to the Esthetician involved rather than listening to any Pep talks from customer service teams. Few minutes of casual exchange could give you an idea about the Technician’s prowess and the kind of experience that would be on offer. If you’re not satisfied just keep looking.

You always have the Choice for Positions

Brazilian Wax could mean Technician getting up close and little personal. She/ He can request you to be at any of the three positions including getting on Knees and elbows which could be a little discomforting. One must understand that we can always request a comfortable position in case you’re not at ease with it. As a guest no matter whether you’re a man or woman, you should always have a choice.

Waxing Cycle

Though Brazilian Wax generally lasts anywhere between 3 to 6 weeks, one should understand that it depends a lot on your hair growth cycle and could vary from one person to another. So you must be the best judge to decide on it.

Brazilian Wax is not expensive!

Contrary to popular perception, Brazilian wax is quite affordable. Brazilian wax would cost you anywhere between $ 75 to $ 90 even in the so-called top branded salons. And Men’s Brazilian or Manzilian wax costs more compared to women, which is quite understandable considering that you have less Waxing salons offering Brazilian for Men.

After Care Regime

It’s even more important to stay calm once you’re done with your Waxing. Dedicate proper care and follow a holistic regime for the skin to heal and recuperate to its normal state. We would recommend you to wait for some time before you jump into your Bikini suits or venture into any kinds of physical intimacy with your partner.

Waxing would have repercussions

Ingrowns, Bumps may develop in days, weeks after you Wax especially if you’re a woman. So always ensure you discuss the aftercare regime with your Esthetician. A good Esthetician is bound to come up with a serum suggestion to shield you from any possible Waxing Hazzards. So it’s important that you don’t mistake it to be yet another Salon’s sales push.

It doesn’t hurt the second time

You should be going easy after the very First Brazilian adventure. As Brazilian wax cuts the hair from its root, it leads to smoothening of the hair and your hair starts to become more sparse for your subsequent visits.

Also Salons today have something called Maintenance Brazilian service so if you’re going to follow it up pretty religiously, we’re sure it’s going to be light on your pocket and body, as well.

In case you’re pretty serious about getting it right with your Brazilian and you have managed to last the ton of advice we had for you, we would be happy to clarify any further queries on this.

Get back to us in case of any queries: shortpumpthreading@gmail.com or drop down in case you happen to live close to Richmond , VA. Happy waxing.

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