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BACK WAXING - 65.00 (45 MINS)

Hair is a funny thing on a man. As he gets older, he starts losing it where he needs it, (like his head) and gaining where he doesn't want it (like his back). The best solution to remove that unsightly hair is to wax the back hair. Shaving works, but the hair grows back fairly quickly. Waxing is a bit painful, but can last up to 8 weeks.

Brazilian Wax - $75.00 (60 MINS)

Excess body hair for men seems to be a thing of the past. Men of all ages, sexual orientations, ethnicities, professions and sizes are removing unwanted hair from their bodies. The most common areas are the back, chest and even the bikini area. They do it for a fresher feeling and to increase their sex appeal. One way to remove this excess hair is through waxing.

CHEST WAX - 45.00 (45 MINS)

Many guys are quite sensitive to the fact that they have a lot of chest hair. If it makes you a bit uncomfortable, you want to be well groomed and you don't want to be removing your body hair on a constant basis, then you should learn how to wax your chest hair. It's quick, not necessarily painless, but over time you'll grow to love the look and it'll get much easier.

EYE BRORWS - 15.00 (20 MINS)

Men are spending more and more time refining their grooming habits, and learning how to properly shape eyebrows has become a necessary skill. Whether you're looking to control those few wild hairs that become more common as you grow older, or just finally do something about your unibrow, you can easily shape your eyebrows for a cleaner, more uniform look.

FULL HANDS WAX - 45.00 (45 MINS)

After having hair removed with a waxing process, the sensitive skin beneath often feels tender and raw. Minimize your post-waxing discomfort and help your skin recover by taking special comfort steps. Soothe waxed skin carefully, especially during the first 24 to 48 hours, and your skin will recover more quickly with fewer unsightly bumps and redness. Once you get past the initial recovery period, your skin should appear smooth and beautiful.

LEG WAX - 50.00 + (60 MINS)

Waxing your legs entails a simple process that can produce finer, smoother hair.